Improve Java build performance with Gradle 5

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Чем быстрее работает инструмент, тем приятнее им пользоваться. Команда Gradle хорошо это понимает и прикладывает много усилий, чтобы их инструмент был резв и отзывчив. Рене как один из виновников расскажет о том, что и как они сделали для убыстрения сборки ваших проектов.

As your project grows larger and more complex, its build will become slower if left unchecked. Having fast and reliable builds has a major influence on developer productivity. Faster builds make feedback cycles shorter by reducing wait times and context switches for developers. Recent Gradle releases give you new capabilities to greatly improve the speed of your Java project build.

In this session, we will discuss and use real builds to demo how you can:

  • Identify performance bottlenecks
  • Reduce build configuration time dramatically
  • Take advantage of advanced features like compile avoidance and Gradle distributed build cache to reduce build times by magnitudes
  • Track build performance over time for your whole team

René Gröschke
Gradle Inc.

Apart from working on the Gradle core, René supports teams all over the world to deliver better software faster by giving in-depth Gradle classes and providing remote and onsite support on implementing software automation, continuous delivery and continuous integration patterns.

Understanding software development as a craftsmanship, he loves getting out of his comfort zone, learning about new tools, technologies and techniques.

From time to time he's involved in other open source projects like the Apple packaging system MacPorts or Griffon, or he's talking at different local user groups and international conferences. Earlier he shared his passion and experience with bachelor students, lecturing on agile methodologies.