Pushing a big project forward: the Jenkins story

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Два в одном: новости из мира Jenkins (и не только) и пояснения, как оно все туда зашло, от основателя проекта.

2018 is an amazing year for Jenkins, because there are many exciting new projects going on in the developer communities — Jenkins X that's reinventing Kubernetes app development, Configuration as Code that helps you manage configuration as it should be, and more! This followed in 2019 by the launch of the Continuous Delivery Foundation, collaboration with Tekton. In this talk, Kohsuke, the founder of the project and CTO of CloudBees, will walk you through what those projects are aiming for, how they work together to make you even more productive.

Kohsuke knows Jenkins plays an important role for many Russian developers. But like other users in the rest of the world, most people don't know about these exciting developments, and continue to use Jenkins like they used to do. Kohsuke wants to communicate that Jenkins today is no longer your father's Jenkins.

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Kohsuke Kawaguchi

Kohsuke is a well-respected developer and popular speaker at industry and Jenkins community events. He's often asked to speak about his experience and approach in creating Jenkins; a CI platform that has become a widely adopted and successful community-driven open source project. The principles behind the Jenkins community — extensibility, inclusiveness, low barriers to participation — have been the keys to its success. Kohsuke's sensibilities in creating Jenkins and his deep understanding of how to translate its capabilities into usable software have also had a major impact on CloudBees' strategy as a company.

Before joining CloudBees, where he currently serves as CTO, Kohsuke was with Sun Microsystems and Oracle, where he worked on a variety of projects and initiated the open source work that led to Jenkins.