Java 11 reactive HTTP Client

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В Java 11 устаревшую HttpURLConnection наконец заменили современной HTTP/2-библиотекой. Крис Хегарти, OpenJDK Network Group Lead и один из авторов этой библиотеки, как никто другой сможет познакомить слушателей с ней и рассказать об особенностях ее внедрения.

The new HTTP Client API, incubated in JDK 9, re-incubated in JDK 10, has been standardized in Java SE 11.

This session will first provide the background to the API, its history and evolution through JDK 9 and JDK 10, then moving on to the specifics of what has been standardized in Java SE 11. This session will inform the audience how to use the API to perform common tasks like issuing an HTTP request and receiving the response asynchronously, how to chain asynchronous tasks dependent on the response, and how the API leverages Reactive Streams and can interoperate with various RS implementations.

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Chris Hegarty

Chris Hegarty is Networking Lead of the Java Platform Group at Oracle. His contributions to the platform include the Java 11 HTTP Client, the Stream Control Transport Protocol API, Windows Dual TCP/IP Stack support, and countless other enhancements in the core libraries. Chris was a key contributor on Project Jigsaw, including Incubator Modules and Encapsulating JDK Internals. He has worked on Java platforms since 2000, and currently leads the Networking group.