The Proxy fairy and the magic of Spring

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You can only claim you know Spring if you fully understand the Proxy design pattern, and how the framework uses it to do its magic. Join this live-coding session to explore 6 ways of intercepting method calls that you can use to cast your own spells and dramatically simplify your codebase.

Grab a strong coffee and prepare yourself for a whirlwind of live-coding, interwoven with deep theoretical concepts and implementation details that you have to master if you are using the Spring Framework. During this session, Victor will share one of the best parts of his Design Patterns training, applied to Spring. You'll hear about the Decorator pattern plus 2 ways to wire it with Spring, bare-hands interface proxies, concrete classes proxies, @Aspect applied to custom annotations, plus some of the most common standard off-the-shelf Spring aspects. Come and learn from a hands-on practitioner real-world best practices of using Aspects, design hints, under-the-hood implementation details, debugging tips, performance impact of aspects, all in an interactive, entertaining and extremely dynamic session.

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Victor Rentea
Independent Trainer

Victor is a Java Champion and an Independent Trainer delivering intense webinars for dozens of companies worldwide. He loves Simple Design, Refactoring, and Unit Testing, about which he regularly talks at top conferences. Victor founded the Bucharest Software Craftsmanship Community that he engages monthly via live webinars and discussions. On you can find his blog, talks, training curriculum, live masterclasses, and social channels.