Kotlin/Native: why make a native language in 2019? What is beyond JVM?

Day 2 /  / Track 3  /  RU / Introduction to technology

Nikolay will tell why they believe development of Kotlin/Native makes sense despite the wide variety of existing compiled languages.

He will cover:

  • the technology and design decisions;
  • what they believe is important in the ecosystem and community of modern language;
  • how Kotlin/Native could be helpful for Java programmers, even if they do not care much about Kotlin/JVM.

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Nikolay Igotti
Nikolay Igotti

Nikolay Igotti works as Team Lead on Kotlin/Native at JetBrains. Previously used to work at Sun Microsystems, EMC, Oracle, Google on various system level software, such as HotSpot Java Virtual Machine, VirtualBox hypervisor and Native/Client runtime.

Interests: runtimes, virtual machines, memory management, language design and concurrency approaches.