Kafka Streams API: Moving beyond Hello World

Day 2 /  / Track 4  /  RU / Introduction to technology

Kafka is gaining popularity as a streaming platform. If you were impressed by the overview talks and are going to create a working application using Kafka Streams, you'll need to learn quite a few things.

Where to start? How to test? How does local state storage and replication work? What is RocksDB and what use it has under the hood of Kafka Streams? What do these scary words, "re-partitioning" and "co-partitioning", actually mean? We'll try to answer these questions, examining along the way several demo examples using Spring framework.

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Ivan Ponomarev

Tech lead in KURS company, tutor at MIPT. Has more than 15 years of experience in IT. Writes code and manages projects ranging from ERP systems customization to building a real-time webscraping system. Sometimes shares his experience as a speaker at conferences and meetups.