Software testing pitfalls

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The problem of defining the exit criteria for manual functional testing is well known. Some test teams stop when all test scripts are complete. Others stop when they run out of time or budget. Some stop when the product is visually ready and testers simply can't find anything wrong in it. All of those approaches are wrong. What is the right one? When do we stop and release and how do we know that what we release is good enough for our users?

At the presentation Yegor will demonstrate a number of existing better methods and will analyze their effectiveness from the practical point of view. He's sure you will reconsider your opinion about testing processes after this presentation.

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Yegor Bugayenko

Yegor Bugayenko is a founder and CEO of Zerocracy, which replaces annoying bosses with AI bots; an OOP fundamentalist; an author of "Elegant Objects" book series; a provocative blogger at; a creator of Zold, a non-blockchain cryptocurrency for fast micro-payments; a hands-on Java programmer; a creator of Cactoos, Takes Framework, JCabi, and Rultor; a philanthropist donating four thousand dollars annually to an open source award.