Seamless web services development with Mu

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In fast-paced service-oriented systems development it is not uncommon for major requirements changes to emerge. Things that were meant to be cemented like protocols, transports, and encodings may need to be altered e.g. due to the organization switching to a new tech stack.

Oli introduces Mu, a new FP library for building web services aiming to make such changes painless.

Mu offers code annotations to define RPC or REST APIs, message types, serialization formats, thus removing dependency on protocol-specific declarations and enabling seamless changes between different implementations.

Required knowledge: Scala syntax, basic understanding of RPC, REST. Knowing Tagless Final encoding would help, however, it's not a requirement.

Oli Makhasoeva
47 Degrees

Oli is a Scala Software Engineer specializing in developing high-load backend platforms. Recently, she shifted gears and joined 47 Degrees as a Solutions Architect where she is working on a variety of different projects focused on improving client experience with Scala and Functional Programming (FP). She is the founder and co-organizer of the popular FP meetup, Fun(c) that draws tech experts from around the world for speaking engagements. She also hosts two podcasts about Scala: ScalaLove and Scalalaz.