Java microservices: from Netflix OSS to Kubernetes

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We'll share our company's experience of building systems based on microservice architecture. We'll tell how we were using Spring Boot + Netflix OSS stack (Eureka, Feign, Ribbon, Hystix, Zuul) and building Zero Downtime Deployment with use of Spinnaker (AWS as infrastructure), what every Netflix OSS stack element was used for, its benefits and drawbacks, and problems we encountered in production.

Then we'll tell why we switched to Kubernetes, how it allowed us to solve the same problems as Netflix OSS stack, but faster. We'll draw analogies between Netflix OSS and Kubernetes elements (for example, Eureka — Kubernetes Service API, Zuul — Kubernetes Ingress API, etc.). We'll cover our experience of building CI/CD with Zero Downtime Deployment, using Kubernetes and Helm (Kubernetes package manager).

This talk's aimed at seniors, leads, and architects who are currently migrating or considering migration from Netflix OSS to Kubernetes platform for solutions based on microservice architecture.

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Aliaksandr Nozdryn-Platnitski
Aliaksandr Nozdryn-Platnitski
Godel Technologies

Aliaksandr is a Lead Java developer in Godel Technologies. He has been developing commercial products for over 12 years. He went all the way from Junior Java developer to Technical Architect on projects for international corporations. Appreciates simple and elegant solutions. He is a huge fan of the philosophy of distributed systems and Spring stack. Aliaksandr has been introducing DevOps philosophy to all the projects lately.