Anatomy and physiology of Vaadin Flow

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Vaadin is quite widely known in Java as a framework for UI development. Some time ago, a revolutionary version of Vaadin 10 was released, in which developers completely changed the technological stack, rethought the API, and attempted to make the UI Java framework truly simple. It leverages a new UI state synchronization mechanism, which can be used with other front-end frameworks.

Now Vaadin Flow can be considered ready for production and we will find out whether Java UI can be done quickly and conveniently, and also try to understand for which applications this technology is suitable, and for which it is better to avoid it. The purpose of this talk is a thorough analysis of the internals of the framework and the search for pitfalls, it is designed to help you form your opinion on technology without marketing.

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Yuriy Artamonov

Yuriy is playing an integral role in the CUBA Platform development team and contributing a lot to the platform architecture design, specializing in front-end technologies. For better or for worse, he had to sort out Vaadin Framework in detail and even become its contributor and co-author of several popular addons. Yuriy is a brave tamer of a fork of Vaadin with 8 years of experience.