Efficient file-based IO for Java developers

Day 2 /  / Track 2  /  RU / Introduction to technology

Dmitriy will share with you his personal experience of developing disk intensive applications and the peculiarities noticed during the development of Apache Ignite Native Persistence Store:

  • what else affects performance besides your workload;
  • what you need to do to get the maximum performance out of the disc;
  • common mistakes and misconceptions of Java IO API.

This talk is aimed at experienced developers who need maximum performance when working with the disk.

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Dmitriy Govorukhin
Dmitriy Govorukhin

Group Leader / Lead Developer at GridGain.

Since 2014 was engaged in the development of corporate software. In 2016 came to GridGain R&D and started working with the Apache Ignite native persistence store module for storing data structures on disk. The main specialization is distributed systems: performance, fault tolerance and scaling.